Games News: Professor Layton And The Azran Legacy review

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It's all change for Professor Layton as he swaps his top hat, thoughtful demeanour and spirit of fair play for a helicopter gunship, mini-guns spitting hot death from above. Just kidding. This closing episode in the much-loved series is absolutely as before; the good professor and his youthful companions wander each location in search of clues and neat, straightforward touchscreen-and-stylus puzzles. There are some novelties among the 165 puzzles, along with numerous hoary old chestnuts as you help Layton and chums unravel the mystery of the Azran, cheerfully bringing together the events of the last two games. It's charming stuff, handled with a gentle sense of humour by Level 5, its always reliable developer. Tying up the story so concisely makes it feel like the last of Professor Layton, but games-industry economics say he'll be back soon enough.

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